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“It was fantastic!  I booked the party without seeing the facility in-person and took a chance because we were busy packing up for our move across country in a days weeks.  It exceeded my expectations and was even better than in the pictures I saw online. The staff was so helpful and friendly.  The kids had a wonderful time and were exhausted at the end of the two hours.  Thank you for giving us a chance to have a great party and one last wonderful memory of Washington before we move.”    - Amy N.


“Thank YOU so much for a wonderful birthday party. We had guests ranging from under 2 to 8 years old and everyone had a lot of fun. Parents complimented the location, variety of things to do, and comfortable seating for everyone.  Kids had fun and more than one kid yelled, “This is the best party ever!”
 Your employees were friendly and helpful in a non-imposing manner.  We thoroughly loved the venue — thank you again!  We will be back!”     –  Jee 

“No complaints. It was wonderful and almost all my guests were asking the details because they want to hold their parties there in the future. Thank you very much!”  - Anne



Friday starting after 1 pm, Saturday, and Sunday Parties are considered WEEKEND parties. Some Holidays may also be considered as weekend party times. Please call to inquire about any specific Holiday. Monday – Thursday anytime, and Friday ending by 3 pm are considered WEEKDAY parties. Weekday parties can be reserved any time slot available on the calendar.



  •    9am – 1030am        EARLY BIRD PARTY (PJ’s ok)  1.5 hr Early Little Bounce Party. 
  •    11am-1pm                 Prime party time. Book this early!
  •    130-330pm              Prime party time. Book this early!
  •    4pm-6pm                 Prime party time. Book this early!
  •    630pm-830pm     (if no Nite Owl booked, okay to purchase an additional hour from 830-930!)
  •    845pm-1015pm      NITE OWL PARTY  (PJ’s ok)  1.5 hr Late Little Bounce Party. 

If you need to purchase additional time, we recommend that you book the 1st or last time slot of the day. 

      *Note: Additional time may not be available.

        If available, it is: $50 for half hour additional; $80 for 1 hour additional.

Fill Out Your Waiver Now & Save Yourself Time When You Get Here.

If you can’t find a time that fits your schedule, call us and we can help find one for you! Any unapplied Discounts will be taken off at the time of party. NOTE: ALL ONLINE PRICES ARE BEFORE TAX. TAX WILL BE CHARGED AT THE PARTY. If trying to reserve a party less than 48 hours in advance, please call 253-329-5867, option 0 to schedule. Be sure to schedule weekend start times as indicated above.

3-6-2017 bounce e house tacoma birthday party prices


 1.5 hour EARLY BIRD or NITE OWL Little Bounce Party: $199

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